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Top Dog

Some people say a dog is man’s best friend. With Cocoa, he’s trying to be everyone’s best friend.

He plays an integral role in the WeWork community by creating frequent idea sharing opportunities by being at the center of it all.

Within 97 Switch, he oversees our human resources department. Often he spends his time scouting out ideas for the direction of the company.

He enjoys making an impact by calming down different situations.

Outside of work, you can find Cocoa at the dog park, sleeping, and finding someone to pet him.

Cocoa | 97 SwitchCocoa | 97 Switch

“Cocoa is WeWork River North’s most loyal member. He brings great friendliness and joy to our community. Anytime anyone needs a break from their workday or a quick smile, Cocoa is there for them.”

– Addison Tompi, Community Associate, WeWork River North

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